Atom: The Patent-Pending Speaker System from Littlecat Labs

Three years of research have led to to the development of Atom, the compact hi-fi speaker from Littlecat Labs. Atom features a 3D-printed helical reflex port not found in any other speaker ever made, the unique topology of which enables the speaker - which measures only 5.5 inches in diameter, not much larger than a softball - to remain linear all the way down to 47 Hz, a depth of bass frequency response that would otherwise be physically impossible from a speaker of such small size.

Atom is assembled from the highest quality components, including the full-range Discovery 5F transducer from Scan-Speak, the legendary acoustic engineering firm in Videbaek, Denmark. This top-of-the-line transducer, handcrafted with precision from European soft parts and a massive high-energy magnet, endows the Atom with an effortlessly musical voice that no other driver can provide.

Atom is a passive speaker with a minimalist design, engineered for perfect fidelity without relying on the embedded digital equalization on which most small speakers have come to depend. It does not restrict the listener to a closed-box set of built-in electronics, but is intended to be paired freely with the high-quality amplifier and source components of your choice.

Atom is currently in active development, and is expected to become available for pre-order in early August. To receive a notification when the official launch date is announced, please enter your contact information below. If you are in the New York area and would like to schedule a tour of Littlecat Labs, or to arrange for the demonstration and potential purchase of a working prototype, please send a request using the form on our contact page.